Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Christmas tour of our home

Oh how I love Christmas time.  I love the smells, the memories, the laughter, the excitement, and the love.  I am like a little child as I shop for gifts.  It warms my heart to bless others with a wrapped present. Jesus has blessed our family with so much-more than I could have ever imagined possible.  Celebrating Him fills my soul with peace wrapped up in a big package of excitement.  He is definitely the reason for the joy that floats around our home and hearts.

Christmas at our home is a big deal.  We gather before Thanksgiving and decorate our home.  We turn on Christmas music and decorate, decorate, decorate.  It is so wonderful watching our kids go through ornaments and hang them on the tree.  I love watching their laughter and hear them reminisce about past Christmas'.

Their togetherness is joy. Looking at their precious faces makes my heart leap around my chest.  There are times I want to freeze the moment and keep them just the way they are.  I know, however, that if I did that I would miss so many new great moments that Jesus already has planned for us.

Our boys usually help my husband decorate the yard.  It is their man thing to do and I have so enjoyed watching our boys grow into little men each year.  They tackle the strings and strings of lights like any tough man would....with determination {and frustration if they are tangled}. :)  As I am a spectator peeking out the window, I notice the careful way my husband shows them how to do things.  I notice the laughter and bonding that occurs between the men.  Sometimes it is so good for boys to just hang out with their man hero.  

This year our oldest was not here to decorate the yard.  He is tucked in nicely to college life and has begun to create a home for himself on a college campus.  I am excited for him to drive around the corner and see his forever home all lit up.  Being his mama, I will be able to look into his eyes with the sparkle of the lights reflecting off of them and see that little boy excitement as he gazes upon his yard.  Oh how I love that Jesus gives mama hearts insight into their man boys.

May this season bring you and your family joy and peace.


  1. Marci, your home is so beautiful! What an inviting, cheerful atmosphere. My heart was warmed by looking at your pictures and seeing the lovely smiles on your children's faces as they decorated the tree. Precious.

  2. Such a beautiful Christmas home Marci! And so refreshing seeing the photos of your children!


  3. I just love the little glimpse of your beautiful home and decorations. It all feels very warm and cozy. I especially love the pictures of your babies' happy faces. A home filled with joy for sure! I hope our home looks this joy filled in a few more years! :-)

  4. Simply precious, dear Marci. Your home is beautiful and your children are glowing with joy - what a blessing! Hugs to you!

  5. The house looks great! I love getting the whole family involved in decorating. Even if it is kind of counterproductive with little ones... ;-)


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