Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God is in control

My azalea bushes have been blooming for almost a month now.  I researched bloom times and discovered that what is considered an early bloom occurs in February.  My azaleas missed that memo.  They began blooming when the weather was in the high 40's.  They look beautiful and continue to bloom daily.

My azaleas are ultimately controlled by God.  He decides when my particular bush will bloom.  This is true with every part of our lives.  Regardless of what books, doctors, friends, family members, and we think, God is in control.

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in the mind of the man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. 

Psalm 115:3
Our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases.

One of my friend's daughters was diagnosed with brain cancer a few years ago.  I did not know her at the time, but she has told me stories of the pain.  She watched her sweet baby undergo surgery, chemo, and radiation.  She watched her fight for her precious life.

Her beautiful daughter is now a first grader.  Yep, she beat the pants off of the brain cancer. 

Yesterday, my friend had to take her daughter for her yearly check up to make sure the cancer has not returned.  She has been complaining of back pain, so my friend was concerned.  Actually, more than concerned.  She was sick to her stomach.  She was flooded with emotions almost too painful to bear.  She asked if I would pray for them and, of course, I said I would.

I actually had been praying for her sweet baby girl ever since I was told her appointment date.  I pleaded with Jesus to keep her healthy and for those around her to see His glory and love.

I texted my friend throughout the day to let her know I was praying.  I prayed for her, her sweet baby, and the entire medical staff all day.  As I was on my morning walk, she texted me that they had finished with the sedation and were about to start the MRI.

Here is what her text read:
"She did wonderful with the sedation!  We snuggled nose to nose as I sang to her while she fell asleep."

As I read her text, I had to stop walking.  I wanted to cry my eyes out.  It hit me that the love that she so unselfishly offered her daughter is the kind of love our Father offers us everyday.  My friend was beyond scared, yet she placed her fear aside to comfort her baby girl.  I am crying while I write this.  What a brave and wonderful woman God blessed this little girl with.  She is so strong and amazes me with her strength.  She knows her strength comes from her sweet and loving Jesus.

Praise God.....
She is cancer free!!!!!!!  

I cried and cried when I found out last evening that her body is healthy and she gets to be a little girl who can play and pretend without any sickness in her body.  My daughter asked why I was crying since she is cancer free.  I told her that I was just so filled with joy for my friend and her family and their sweet baby girl.  Sometimes joy comes in the form of tears....lots of them.

No matter what the statistics and percentages read, GOD IS IN CONTROL.  HE decides what will happen.  He doesn't consult doctors, books, or people.  He is KING!

2 Corinthians 5:7
We walk by faith, not by sight.

If you are facing something that feels hopeless, know that GOD IS IN CONTROL.  May we praise Him for that wonderful fact!


  1. so glad she is cancer free. I also have a friend whose son is going through a surprising cancer diagnosis. it came on suddenly this past weekend. I posted about it on my blog yesterday. I just don't understand cancer.

  2. Amen! Now, I'm crying. Knowing that we are not in control should not be scary, because we know that He is.

  3. And now I am crying also! What a beautiful story of God's greatness and unfathomable love!

  4. Amen. God is in control. I praise the Lord with you that she is cancer free.

  5. I love these stories of God's amazing love and goodness. I know that sometimes bad things do happen, but I know that God is ultimately in control and does not want these bad things to happen to us. I know that He wants to be there with us and protect and comfort us, and I have seen Him comfort those who experience such as hardships as the sickness or death of a child, and I know that He can help us get through even those terrible tragedies with the hope only He can offer of seeing our loved ones again. Thankful for this little girl's healing miracle!

  6. Praise God that precious little girl is cancer free now!

  7. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing, and the encouragement! Lisa :O)

  8. Hi Marci,

    What a tear-jerking story! This brought tears to my eyes and I am so thankful the little girl is cancer-free. Indeed, praise the Lord!
    Thank you for the sweet reminder of God being in control. How blessed we are to be able to rest in God's hands and know He is in control of ALL things!

    Hugs to you,

  9. So happy for your little friend and her mom. What a story! My husband visited his friend today who is in the hospital fighting a VERY up hill battle with leukemia. They discussed the very thing you wrote about. Doctors can give you numbers and statistics, but God KNOWS the number of our days.

  10. <3 I love your sweet heart that really flows from your posts. Praise God who is taking care of that little girl. Praise God because He is always there, always loving, always waiting, always rejoicing over us with singing! xo AJ

  11. Such a beautiful picture!! He loves us and holds us in our pain. Our lives are in His hands, and because of that we can live in the freedom of Christ. Thanks for sharing and praise the Lord for this girl's healing :)

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