Friday, September 7, 2012


Emmy and I were looking through our photos on our computer when she got home from school today.  There is a picture of Jorden and a girl has her arm around him.  He looks more than happy!!  I commented to Emmy that he was one happy camper.  She asked why the girl wanted a picture with her brother....was the girl moving schools she wondered.  I said, "No, baby, your brother just has swank!"  She looked at me like I was ET and she just discovered me in her closet.  She laughed hysterically and said, "Mom!!!  It's swag!!"  Oh....I started laughing so hard that my body that birthed three kiddos wanted to leak (if you catch my drift!!).  I am officially one of those moms....the mom who is behind the times.  The mom that movies make fun of.  Well, honestly, I thought I would NEVER EVER EVER be THAT mom!  Hee, Hee!!!  It actually kind of cracks me up.  I am so using the word swank for every cool thing now!  I am officially that mom.....and loving every minute of it.....

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