Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend picture walk

Weekends can be full of busyness and craziness, but they are always a blessing because God gifts us with time and togetherness. is our weekend in pictures. :)

I am a huge fan of rain and was quite happy to see rain clouds moving in.  It didn't rain much, but it was enough to give our ground a good soak.

Our dog, Rudy, enjoyed lazing around this weekend.  I'm pretty sure that he wasn't thrilled to get his picture taken!

Jorden blessed us with a visit home. :)  He and Emily cheered Luke on during his soccer game. 

Luke, #9, had a great game.  His team won 7-1.  :)

Homework...need I say more??

Jorden is taking a class that is studying the book of Genesis.  He had some questions so we pulled out commentaries and studied together.  This mama's heart thrills every single time he and I Bible talk! :)

Emily was so happy to go to the mall with her dad and spend her money on some new face powder.  She is a huge beauty blog reader and, apparently, this is the brand to buy.  I wouldn't know...I live on a drugstore budget!!

Emily was happy to finally relax on Sunday night with her make-up mirror and some Netflix. :)

Luke, too, was happy to relax with some Netflix watching time last night. :)

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend and has a fantastic, God filled week-


  1. Awe, I have missed seeing and reading about your sweet family! It would only be better if there was a picture of you in there. Homework....yuck! The downside to school being back in session. Hope the kids are enjoying the start of a new year. Our Evan is about to start soccer again, and I don't know why but I am always nervous about the start of a new season. He has had some great years and some rough years, and we are trying a new league. He always comes through to play his best, but I don't like seeing unfairness on the field, you know? Brody is going to start his first year with a little soccer class at the Y so that should be interesting. :-)

  2. What is Jorden planning to major in? You have such a beautiful family!

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend was had by your family! Bible talk is great - I am happy that you were able to spend some time studying with your son. :O)

  4. Awesome weekend!! I was blessed with a good one also. We spent Saturday morning pulling carpet and baseboard out of our bedroom to prepare for installing laminate flooring, then Saturday the Man of the House and I went out to dinner, shopping at Lowes and a stop at Barnes and Noble. Sunday afternoon was chilling in front of some football! It was wonderful.


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