Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blessings in the midst of pain

I received a letter in the mail this week that caused me to hit my knees and cry out to my Father.  The letter left me feeling as though the breath had been knocked out of me. 

This letter came from my biological father.  I don't even really know this man.  My parents divorced when I was two.  Sadly, the divorce seperated me and my brother.  My father rarely to never saw me.  The same went for my mother and brother. 

The letter related things said to me by people who are supposed to love me and care for me.  The letter accused me of being a coward because I did not pursue a relationship with him. 

The man had the audacity to quote Scripture to try and intimidate me, manipulate me, and condemn me.  Apparently he has no idea that I intimately know my true Father.  His word is not to be used for harm or intimidation.

Sadly, parental words, actions, and behaviors have such an effect on their children.  They can leave children feeling rejected and worthless. 

Those whose parents don't follow God's Word and love their children as He intends, can take many bags of difficulty into adulthood.

God can empty these bags and throw them away.  He can fill in hearts with His love and adoration. 

Human actions hurt and even scar, but only GOD gets to define who we really are.  We are loved.  He offers grace to His children.  He stretched out His arms and died for us so that we could one day live in the presence of our true Father.  While we are on this earth, He stretches out His arms and invites us to enter into a relationship with Him.  This relationship will free us from the pain caused by others.  Yes, the pain stings, but it doesn't have to define us.

I praise my Father for loving me through the pain this week.  He has allowed me to cry tears of pain.  I am confident that He caught every tear that fell.  He has surrounded me with His love and reminded me often that HE loves me. 

Psalm 68:5
God in His Holy dwelling is a Father to the fatherless

I am blessed beyond measure by my Father.  He has given me a wonderful family who shower each other with love.  We are each others cheerleaders and encouragers.  He has filled my heart with an uncontainable love for my family and, most importantly, for Him. 

Yes, this life brings blows to our hearts, but God takes our pain and replaces it with His unstoppable love.  His love conquers all pain.

Genesis 50:2
You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result-the survival of many people.

I will honor God with my life.  I get to choose how I will a victim or a victor.  I choose victory in Christ!

Here are my beautiful blessings.  My heart overflows with love for these people.  Thank you Jesus for these blessings.  Thank you for trusting me enough to be my children's mother and my husband's wife.  May my life honor You and bring You glory. 

Jesus heals all broken hearts.  If your heart is aching today, know that Jesus is standing right beside you ready to fill in the holes of pain with His perfect love.  He is the ultimate Father, Protector, Healer, and Redeemer.  May we all share HIS love with others today.  My love to all of you.


  1. Marci, in your suffering you have brought great worlds to us all. Thank you.

  2. You are such an unbelievably strong woman! I love that you are choosing to be a victor in the face of this pain. You are truly an inspiration sister :)
    Hope you are having a beautiful Saturday!

  3. I am sorry that you have had to deal with this my friend. Cling to the Lord and your family and they will get you through. Take care.

  4. So sorry that you were slapped with this but what a gift the Lord is giving you. I too am struggling with healing from a tremendous hurt and being able to forgive the ones who hurt me. God has been blessing me with lots of blog posts and emails and other words that i know are coming from him. thank you for sharing what you are going through.

  5. I feel bad for your biological dad - he is missing out on such a beautiful person inside and out. May God work on his heart and help him to see his need to pursue you if he would like a relationship - and not send such a hurtful letter.
    Hugs to you dear lady, Lisa :O)

  6. Sending you love, my friend.
    Psalm 27:10

  7. This comment may be a little long, and I apologize now friend. I just feel like I can so relate to this post on a very personal level. A father like yours and my biological father is not a father at all. I never really knew mine either. He came around some when I was very young, and I have some vague memories of those few times. My biological mother was a single mother struggling to raise my brother and I on her own. She finally succumbed to her mental illnesses, and my brother and I were very lucky to be adopted into a wonderful Christian family together. I don't think of my biological father as a father at all. He never tried to care for us as a father should. My older brother has reached out to him since becoming an adult, but I don't feel I need to do so. He didn't really offer my brother any answers anyway. My husband's father abandoned his family when my husband was a teenager so he also doesn't have a good account of a father. My children don't know him, but they have wonderful grandfathers and aren't missing out on anything. My husband's mother never remarried, but she has a very devoted, long term friend that we all think of as family and my children know as Papa James. You've probably read about him in some of my posts. Anyway, God placed wonderful fathers into our lives even though they weren't our biological fathers. God always knows best and looks out for his children and as you wrote, "You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result-the survival of many people." So thankful our children have such wonderful, loving fathers to look up to! Love you, friend! :-)

  8. Glad that you didn't allow that letter to change your heart. You just gave it to God. I do pray that some day your father will realize what he said was wrong and he ask God for forgiveness. Beautiful family :-)

    New Follower!


  9. Wow I needed this! Thank you so much for sharing your difficulties to inspire others! I'm currently being bullied online from someone who feels I am unworthy of sharing God's word. They are doing this by hiding behind the word... I absolutely loved these lines of yours:

    "His word is not to be used for harm or intimidation."

    "While we are on this earth, He stretches out His arms and invites us to enter into a relationship with Him. This relationship will free us from the pain caused by others. Yes, the pain stings, but it doesn't have to define us."

    So true...and God knew I needed them today. No matter our past, God accepts us... He loves us through our hurt, struggles, happy times, and all in between.

    Thanks again for sharing,
    Jessica @

    ps-returning the blog follow love <3


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