Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teenage dating

Christie at Satisfaction through Christ has written the most excellent post on teen dating.  Please click here to read it.  It is very candid and full of God's truths and wisdom.  I couldn't agree with her more!! 

As a mama of a teenage son and a soon to be teenage daughter, my husband and I often get asked if they have significant others.  Our children know where we stand on the issue.  We do not feel that it honors God to "hook up" and be serious as teenagers.  It sets them up for failure, disappointment, heartache, sexual sin, etc. 

Christie and her husband are student ministers and are around teenagers all of the time.  They are also parents.  I highly encourage you to head over to her blog and read her post. 

My love to all of you!!! xoxo


  1. I love the new look Marci:) Heading over her way now!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story! Christie is so "brave" to put her story out there, and it is so important for teens to have these kind of leaders to follow. It sounds like you are doing a great job raising your teens, too. I only hope I can have some of your wisdom in the days ahead.

  3. I agree! What a blessing to have Christian resources like this.

  4. Nice blog - follow you. Hope you return this favor ;)


  5. Hi Marci! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following...following you now! I read this on Christie's blog the other day and yes, it's a very excellent post! Have a blessed weekend! ;-)

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  6. I read her post when it came out--such a good one! I was raised in a family that taught "You only get to date when you get married!" which may have been a slight exaggeration, because my husband and I went out on about 3 dates while we were engaged. But I really believe that courtship is the way to go.


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