Friday, January 18, 2013

You know you're old when....

Lately, I have been getting smacked in the face with how old I have become.  I will be 41 next month.  When I was a child I thought 40 was ancient.  Now that I am in my 4th decade, I think 40...umm, I mean 41... is hip and happening.

You know you are old when....
  1. You hurt yourself while you are asleep.  Yep, I sometimes wake up with a pain that I did not go to sleep with. 
  2. You fall asleep on the couch before any of your kiddos are in bed.
  3. Those pesky grays don't want to stay covered for long.  Seriously, I think I need highlights every six weeks. 
  4. Gravity takes hold of the booty area no matter how many miles you run. 
  5. You dress for comfort over style.  Who says workout pants aren't stylish!?
  6. Wrinkles appear no matter how much anti-wrinkle cream you slop all over your face.
  7. Older people at the store call you ma'am. 
  8. You are around the age that your mother-in-law was when you and your husband started dating.
  9. You can't eat what you used to without your body severely punishing you.  Why can't I eat dessert every night like I used to?? Growl!!!!
  10. Your eye doctor tells you for the FIRST TIME EVER that you need progressive lenses...the new word for bifocals! 
Yep...these all describe yours truly!!  Thankfully, I am laughing at myself.  If you no longer can find tissues at your local store, it will be because the laugther got old.  Okay, now I'm laughing at my dumb humor. :)

Have a wonderful weekend full of great laughter.


  1. #7 really gets to me. Don't want to be call miss either, though. So, what should they call me?

    BTW, I am co-hosting Saturday Morning Coffee link up tomorrow and am listing you as one of my favorite must-read blogs. Jus wanted you to know :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I will take Miss over Ma'am anyday! LOL

  2. Do not say that 41 is old! I feel like I am getting a little too close to those digits and don't want to feel "old." I think you look young and beautiful. And I already have pains in places that I shouldn't so I'm not sure that's a sign of old age at all. For me, it is a sign of bearing children and not enough time to exercise. Ha!

  3. Ummm, I pray I look as youthful as you when Im in my 40's. I am turning 30 this year and never thought I would mind aging, but I'm freaking out! There are all these weird little lines around my eyes and mouth that aren't going away. I too wake up with weird pains :) oh the joys of life! :) The good thing is, it happens to all of us!
    The Real McCoy(s)

  4. I hear that! Especially the hurting yourself while asleep. I had no idea a person could wake up with a pulled muscle until I hit my 40s. Ha!

  5. Old scmold. I forget you aren't "my age" whenever we hang out. And if I could be half as gorgeous and stunning as you at 40ish - I will consider myself a lucky lady!! And as one of your "in real life" friends I can totally affirm that you are indeed hip & happening!


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