Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fixed...hopefully! :0

I am cracking up at myself!  Just when I think I am getting a bit smarter with my computer, I am reminded what a doofus I am. :)  I always wondered why in the world blogs make me prove I'm not a robot.  Well, come to find out....mine did!!  EEEEKKK! I also found out that I was a no reply blogger.  I'm really not anti-social.  I like people....hence blogging.

Ok, I think I corrected the problem.  If I didn't, please let me know. 

And if I ever have annoying things on my blog, don't hesitate to tell me.  I always tell my friends and family that if I have a visitor hanging from my nose. they better tell me.  Same applies here my friends. ;-)



  1. I found out today I was a no reply blogger too! HA I don't even know what that means to be honest...but I changed it :)

    1. I didn't know either. I think it means people can't reply to comments made on blogs??? Not too sure except everything I read about it wasn't friendly. :-). I had no idea yours was a no reply!

  2. Replies
    1. It does. I just thought it was the type of blog being used. I think when we set our blogs up it automatically set it without us knowing. Lol!! :-)

  3. Oh dear! Am I a no-reply blogger? My lack of knowledge is sometimes scary! Can you explain to me how Google + works? I know we are in the same circle, but I just did some clicking and don't really understand how it all works.

  4. Hello Marci,

    I have been enjoying your comments on my blog. Thanks, I always love seeing you there.

    I am trying to have a regular photos sharing post linkup Friday's Photo File but I forgot it was Friday until I awoke at 4:00 this morning. If you would care to linkup, I would be delighted.

    :) Hope

  5. Yah!! (I promise I am not a robot! LOL) I've got to figure this "no reply" thing out!


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