Monday, November 12, 2012


Joshua 1:9
Haven't I commanded you:  be strong and courageous?  Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

I have fears that are deep within my heart.  Often, these fears cause me to stay in my comfortable box.  My comfortable place is safe.  It is a place I feel I have control over. 

My daughter, Emily, is trying out for basketball today.  This is not a sport that she is well trained in.  When she tried out for volleyball, she knew her stuff.  She was so comfortable in her abilities.  She decided to try out today because she really enjoys being a part of a team.  She picked up a basketball about 2 1/2 weeks ago and was determined to learn the basics. 

Last night she curled up next to me on the couch and put her head on my shoulder.  She began to cry and tell me how nervous she was.  She went over her lay ups and picked them apart.  She talked about her comfort with volleyball and how she isn't near as confident with basketball.  I silently thanked God for allowing my girl to come to me for support.  I prayed that I would give her words of wisdom.

I began telling her how very proud I was of her.  I told her that all too often people stay in their comfortable place and never move from it.  I told her that regardless if she made the team or not, the fact that she is doing something that she isn't comfortable with is huge.  We went over Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength).  I told her to pull her strength from Jesus and tell Him that she needs Him.  I reminded her that He is with her always and He can give a peace that will give her freedom from her fears and insecurities.

After she was tucked in and washed in numerous kisses from her mom and dad, I began thinking of all that I had said to her.  I realized that God was speaking through me to my daughter, but He was also speaking to me.  He showed me places that I hide so that I can protect myself.  I hide my heart all too often for fear of hurt and rejection.  I will  help people until my strength is gone, but I am not one to open my heart and allow someone true access.  I tend to keep a huge, concrete wall around my sensitive heart. 

God has told His children to be courageous and not to be afraid.  He promises to be with us wherever we go.  My heart needs redemption from my fears.  I must open my heart, step out of my box, and allow God to lead me where He wants me.  I realized I am no good to His kingdom if I am hiding from His world.  I must be willing to trust Him and allow Him to use me completely.

What about you?  Do you have areas of your life that are kept in a pretty, neat box?  Are you in need of His sweet redemption from fears and comfortable places?



  1. I am back and am so excited to dive back into your wonderful wisdom :)
    I will be praying for your girl today!! When does she find out?
    Man, how true is this for all of us? We keep certain things tucked away so we can still feel like we are in "control", ignoring God's command to "Be strong and courageous" (Joshua 1:9). It is when we step out of those places where we feel comfortable that we can truly trust God to take the lead! Thanks for this! I will be praying for your week :)

  2. I have been learning about being "strong and courageous" ever since I started this journey into blogging a little more than six months ago. What I have found is that the more I do for Him, the more He asks of me. And, even when I don't feel prepared, somehow he gets me through, because He knew what he would do through me...He had prepared me. There are still many things I fear, especially related to my kids, but redemption is a process. I'm wading through.

  3. Being a pastors wife I struggle sometimes with letting people in. I love to help others but sometimes I feel the need to not let others see me struggling. I realized this about a year ago and have really started to open up more to others, especially close friends. God has put us together for many reasons and one of them is so we have each other to lean on, gain wisdom from and seek encouragement. I think its definitely something women have a hard time with. Thanks for the encouragement today!

  4. Once again-your kids are so blessed to have you! Isn't it crazy how God can challenge us when we're challenging others?! Amazing. This post definitely challenged me. Thank you :) <3

  5. You are a wonderful mother and your children are blessed to have you. I hope she made the team.

    Fear can be diminished when we learn to trust. My goal to is learn to fully trust that He will never fail me. I've known that in my head for a long time, but working toward making it heart knowledge as well.


  6. Great post. God is always always always talking to me about stepping outside my comfort zone for His glory. (confessing that I don't always listen. working on that)

  7. This is perfect! "I hide my heart all too often for fear of hurt and rejection. I will help people until my strength is gone, but I am not one to open my heart and allow someone true access. I tend to keep a huge, concrete wall around my sensitive heart." Marci - it's like you wrote out my inner thoughts.

    Beautiful! AJ


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