Saturday, November 17, 2012

Redemption~Evil's Disguise

Satan used the serpent to tempt Adam and Eve.  He was full of manipulation and deceit, just as he is today.  Satan was not out to make friends with Adam and Eve.  His desire was to make certain that they were no longer friends with their Creator.  He made sure that he made them believe he was on their side and for their good.  In fact, he was only looking to his own agenda.  His goal then and now is seperate us from God.  Satan is crafty and sly enough to convince us that we must look out for ourselves.  He tries to tell us that number one is us and not God. 

Satan is forever angry that he lost his position in heaven.  He is beyond mad, he is humiliated and wants revenge.  He will stop at nothing to turn anyone he can away from God.  He wants us to be seperated from our Father by following our egos rather than following our Maker.  Charles Stanley says it this way, "If Satan could not defeat God the best thing was to defeat His prized creation."

Good ol' pride brought down Satan.  Funny, he uses pride to bring us down too.  Satan whispers in our ears that our choices to honor ourselves won't hurt anyone.  In fact, if we are happy, he tells us, then everyone around us will be happy too.  We hear the "I am" statements and believe them. 

I am unhappy with my spouse.  He's not fun anymore.
I am tired of pleasing everyone else.  It's time to focus on me for a change.
I am important, therefore, I can do what makes me feel good.
I am a child of God. (True)  He wants me to be happy so I choose to ___________(fill in the blank with selfish decisions.)
I am overweight so I choose to starve myself to feel better.
I am not my family's maid.  I refuse to keep my house tidy.
I am a good person so it's okay to make this choice.

We must never forget that there is only one I AM and that is Jesus Christ.  Proverbs 16:18 tells us that pride comes before destruction and an arrogant spirit before a fall.  I don't know about you, but that scares me.  Who on earth plans for destruction to enter her life?  Sadly, we do any time our hearts are full of pride.  Any time we puff ourselves up and think we are it, we have a prideful spirit.  We are to love ourselves as Christ does, but we must never think higher of ourselves than others.  Jesus blesses us in so many ways.  May we always give credit where credit is due.  May we boast in our Lord and Savior and not ourselves.  May our eyes be constantly on our Redeemer.Photobucket


  1. I needed to read this post today. Thank you for your words. :) I especially love the part "We are to love ourselves as Christ does, but we must never think higher of ourselves than others."

    Lyndsay @

  2. What an important reminder of the reality of an advesary and how he works in order to get us to take God off of the throne by trying to put ourselves up there.
    I am so very blessed by your heart for Jesus, thanks so much for sharing~ Lisa :O)

  3. I love that you said there is only one I AM. I like to wear my good little christian girl hat, but simply put a mask over the pride. Most recently, I have been really convicted about pride in my job situation. As we look for my replacement, I have caught myself seeking out qualities that reflect my teaching style rather than someone who will serve Christ in that classroom. I call myself "looking for the most qualified individual", but it is truly a puffed-up chest and prideful heart. Jesus is and always will be!
    Love ya lady!

  4. Proud people take little account of their own weaknesses and they do not anticipate their own stumbling blocks. They think they are above the frailties of common people. In this state of mind they are easily tripped up. Ironically, proud people seldom realise that pride is a problem of them, this very sad. Although everyone around them is well aware of it..

    This is something that we all have a problem with it is up to us to be aware of it and ask God to take it away.. Usually God can makes us aware of it, if we are open to him changing our lives... When asking God to change our lives usually He takes us through the things that God does not like about us and He truly makes us aware.

    Great post
    Darleen :)

  5. I love how you said Satan likes to use the "I am" statements...I've never thought of it that way! Keep preachin sista-you have a gift! :)

  6. Great post! I'm always looking for guest bloggers if you're interested :)

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