Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have seen on some blogs that the blog is a no reply blog.  I have also noticed on some that I must prove I'm not a robot in order to leave my comment.  I've tried to make sure that my blog has neither function, but, for the life of this 40 year old lady, I can't figure it out.

Is my blog a no reply blog??

Do you have to prove you aren't a robot to leave a comment??

Thanks for helping!!!! xoxo


  1. I think you are a no-reply blogger and you have the robot thing i just notices whitney at sippy cups and pearls had a great how to on that so go to her blog. Let me know if you need any help:)

  2. Thanks so much!! That's too funny because I have always wondered why I have to prove i'm not a robot on other blogs...come to find out I have it! lol! I will have to fix it tonight.

  3. Marci,
    Thanks for commenting on my Psalm 139 Think About the Babies. I am now following you via GFC. Blessings and thanks for praying for unborn babies.

  4. Yes you are non reply blogger. The robot thing is in your comment settings and you can google how to turn off non reply. I am sure you can find stuff. If you can't email me and I can try to walk you through it.

    julie @ Naptime Review

  5. I stopped by to follow you from a hop although in all honesty I can't remember which and since I'm already following ya I thought I'd invite you over for An Aloha Affair-- a sort of let your hair down gathering with other creative souls. Too funny too all the little bloggy hiccups we all come down with at one time or another, so glad I'm not the only one.


  6. P.S. the robot thingy is gone-- you did it! woohoo!

  7. I think I'm a no reply blogger. Got to figure out how to fix that!


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