Monday, October 22, 2012

Good times!

My daughter officially thinks Barry and I are old!  ;-) We hear her using words and so we try to use them back. My husband and  I crack up at how out of it we are!  We went out to dinner on Saturday night and my husband and I were in a goofy mood.  Somehow we started throwing these words into every sentence we spoke. I was laughing so hard I had tears. Emily was laughing but kept shaking her head. We purposely, ok not always purposely, kept mispronouncing these words.  

When my kids were little I thought every stage they hit was the BEST stage. I haven't outgrown that. This has to be the best stage Emily has had. I am having the time of my life watching her blossom into a teenager. :-)

Oh, and by the way, my boys are in their best stages too!  These are good times we are having!!



  1. fun family!! my kids are still so little but i think every stage is the best!! its hard to pick a favorite:)
    now following from the tea party hop!

  2. Whatever stage you are in is always the best stage. Enjoy every second of it. Now that you are "old" the time flies by and before you know it - they are "old" too!


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